Yuri Arcurs Photography is looking for new staff members!

We are always on the lookout for new talent!

We are not currently hiring more staff for our Danish branch, but we are looking for candidates for our South African branch who will be part of our newly formed PeopleImages.com team. Some of these job types can be done from home and do not need relocation to South Africa. Remember to think of your friends while reading this, would any of these jobs be of interest to them?

Front End Developers:

Department: Anywhere. From home. Full time. No other jobs allowed.
Description: We are creating a site that is totally different from any other site selling media content and we need people who are able and willing to think outside the box in order to achieve this. We are using the best available components to create a smooth, reliable web application. You will be developing the front end of our website, testing the website and identifying any technical problems and hitches as well as usability improvements. You will also need to create and maintain the website for cross-browser and mobile device compatibility.
Skills: We are looking for a highly motivated person who can put their heart and soul into this project. You will have to be able to follow the newest web standards and trends in modern websites and make sure the website is optimized for cross-browser and mobile device compatible. Ideally we need someone who will be motivated to outsmart and improve our current solutions. You will need to be able to work and be online on Skype during normal European business hours, but you can work from anywhere in the world. You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a knowledge of international web standards (W3C), experience with Adobe Photoshop as well as these languages: HTML, jQuery and CSS. Familiarity with PHP/MySQL, CodeIgniter and Mercurial would be an advantage.
Salary range: Based on skill level.
Deadline for applying: Ongoing. If you have what it takes, send us an application.


Back End Developers:

Department: Anywhere. From home. Full time. No other jobs allowed.
Description: If you enjoy a challenge, are passionate about programming and have excellent qualifications, we want you in our elite team! This position will involve developing the back end of the website, testing the website and identifying any technical problems and hitches. It will also include determining any functionality that the site must support and developing PHP content based on practical approved layout as well as identifying the content type the site will host and ensuring compatibility with the PHP programming requirements.
Skills: The perfect person would love the challenge of exploring, optimizing, analyzing and solving potential problems in code-structure and server-structure. You should already have experience in successfully building and running large websites and other IT projects from scratch and have a solid understanding of the challenges of increasing traffic and demands. Ideally we need someone who will be motivated to outsmart and improve our current solutions. You will need to able to work and be online on Skype during normal European business hours, but you can work from anywhere in the world. You should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a knowledge of international web standards and protocols as well as experience in most of these languages: Apache, Mercurial, Linux, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, OOP/MVC, HTML, jQuery and CSS.
Salary range: Based on skill level.
Deadline for applying: Ongoing. If you have what it takes, send us an application.



Please read through our section dedicated to our models: For the models
Remember: Don’t just think of yourself. Perhaps you have a friend, a sister or brother that should also know about this possibility? We have had great success working with new models we’ve become aware of because people have sent us their material. Quite a lot of the models that send us their material end up modeling for us. Make sure to read the guidelines and send your information to: pn@inqmodels.dk

We bring in about 10-15 models per year from around the world for shooting in either Cape Town, Denmark or some of the other locations we sheet at around the world. Most of them contacted us like you are about to do.



Description: In the position of Image Retoucher you will be in charge of the crucial part of taking digital images to the next level, so to speak. Image retouching is all about tweaking images through the use of software like Photoshop and bringing the image to a higher level. Your duties will also include aspects such as removing content from the image that isn’t meant to be there and altering elements in the image. This kind of work takes a lot of technical know-how, a willingness to work hard and to keep learning new tricks to get to that higher level of retouching.
Skills: This is a very technical position and skills including experience from the advertising industry, photographic experience involving retouching and software knowledge in Photoshop will be valuable.
Salary range: An hourly salary which will reflect your ability to evolve and improve.
Deadline for applying: No date. New teams every two months.


Photography Students, class of 2014

Department: Cape Town but traveling all over the world!
Our photography academy program is based in our South African branch, and is taught by Yuri himself. He believes that the current educational tradition in photography has created an unnatural gap between school and life beyond school when you have to start working as a professional.
The schools are often years behind in technology; the teachers are not professionally involved in the industry they teach about, and budgets are so low that the equipment and projects suffer as a consequence. It is our intention to change this, and by empowering the students through real projects – dealing with real clients – to prepare them for the life beyond school.
During this three year program the students obtain certificates from 9 different exams that range from basic to advanced retouching, executing shoots, creative research, photography lighting, managing production staff, planning and budgeting, public presentations and others. The academy is funded by the images the students produce, so there can be little doubt that this program is highly elite, and the earlier classes have graduated some of the highest earning photographers in the world today. Our graduates have a pretty impressive track record.
As part of the teaching, the class travels to various hot spots around the world, and in 2011 the team went to Thailand, the Maldives, Denmark and South Africa. All the students are given a low base monthly salary, a personal camera and a MacBook Pro, and have their travel expenses paid for.
If you are an intelligent and energetic young individual with creative interests (or know of such a person), this program will push you to achieve your best, while probably giving you the best time of your life. Should you not choose to become a photographer at graduation, the three years will certainly have provided you with a lot of personal growth, structure and discipline, while avoiding the study loan that often accompanies most educational programs.
Make sure to follow Yuri on Facebook and Twitter along with subscribing to the blog if you don’t want to miss out the official announcement of the next boot camp.

You can read more about our photography program and the qualifications needed at the last boot camp in last year’s post.
You can also watch the video from the boot camp on Yuri’s YouTube channel.

Image keyworder for Yuri’s Collection of images

Department: Cape Town team – Peopleimages.com
Description: In the position of a Keyworder you will be working with what we call the Narrative Content of an image. This includes the titles, descriptions and of course the keywords of all the images. Your cultural knowledge, English skills, and ability to “read” an image will be challenged every day. set very high standards and expect you to do the same. We are looking for people living in Cape Town who love words and are highly skilled in both written and spoken English. You should also have some experience with photography and know how to “read” an image.
Skills: You should be good with words and have an extensive vocabulary. People who are accurate, precise, detail orientated and willing to learn will be well-suited for this position.
Salary range: An hourly salary starting low which will reflect your ability to evolve and improve.
Deadline for applying: We take in talents all the time.

Marketing Executive:

We are looking for a marketing executive who will be able to take our company to even greater heights than ever before. If you think you have what it takes to come up with creative new marketing strategies that will take our success even further, then this is the job for you. This position will involve the building up a professional sales and marketing department from scratch, establishing new marketing and sales strategies as well as taking control of developing and managing sales and marketing budgets. You would also need to identify target markets and how best to reach them, improve exposure to our core markets and creating new and varied business opportunities. There will also be a fair amount of networking with clients, suppliers and the media.
Skills: We are looking for an experienced marketing and sales person with knowledge of the the microstock industry. You should also have good business sense, an awareness of budgets and attention to detail. The ideal candidate should also possess the confidence to ‘sell’ their ideas, be self-motivated, driven and enthusiastic. Creative thinking and communication skills will also be highly advantageous. Salary range: A salary reflecting your level of skill
Salary range: A salary reflecting your skill level.
Deadline for applying: 1 August 2012 – See below on how to apply



We are looking to fill all of the positions mentioned above and if you can say “that’s me” or it fits perfectly for somebody you know, we will be thrilled to do an interview on Skype in the upcoming weeks. Do not apply if you are not a highly motivated person who can put your heart and soul into this project.
If working from home: You must speak close to perfect English, be online on Skype during your chosen working hours. No other jobs are allowed!

Contact Yuri Arcurs Productions by sending your application to jobs@arcurs.com and make sure to mark the mail with the title of the job you are applying for.

Include in your application all of the following:

  1. Motivation letter – why are you interested in this job? And why this company?
  2. Your CV
  3. Any reference letter from previous employers
  4. Something about yourself
  5. A photograph of yourself
  6. When can you start
  7. Tell us about any additional information we might want to know.

Failure to do so will disqualify you as an applicant.

NB: Please note that any attempt to contact Yuri himself directly will disqualify you from the job! You will meet Yuri, and he will review your application, but let the recruiters do their job first. 🙂

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  1. Sippakorn

    I am pleased to join your project. But English is not smart.

    Sipp ^_^

  2. conquer

    I WANT TO CONTACT YA DIRECTLY… So please Disqualify me 😉 😉

  3. Hi!
    Noticed you guys got interested in creating your own solution! How nice!
    But seriously, do you think that non-professional staff (you do photography, not web solutions) can effectively handle such a challenge?
    Moreover, the way you put the task requirements.. PHP(!), parse-rss-feed-and-put-title-into-database… You made me smile!
    Look, the ancient ages are over. If you really want to setup something significant, please get in touch with us – stockmediaengine.com. We specialize in (micro)stock solutions, we can offer you to spawn new project based on our platform, or we can develop everything from scratch.

    And it definitely won’t be PHP. We use RoR.

  4. I did consider a Ruby framework, but ended up going for a standard Php, Mysql solution. Mainly because of employment factors. It is very hard to get a large staff of RAR developers. Right now I have 4 developers that really know their in and out of Php.

  5. Whoa.. Seems like I started yet another holy war.

    @Majid, I know a lot about PHP (I actually used it for about 10 years). I know that many large players use it. And I wouldn’t tell them a word. Because they already HAVE their code up and running. “If it works, don’t touch it”.

    Facebook uses PHP.. Well, I seriously doubt that you guys here are going to launch yet another facebook.. especially taking into account the test task.

    @Yuri, thank you very much for your compliments:)) It seems you have already done a lot of research and made your choice of technology. Also, you have your staff specialized in PHP. Of course it will be inefficient for you to switch to another technology on this stage.

    The only thing I can suggest is to ask you to remember about us when you decide to launch new project that your crew wouldn’t be able to produce (due to huge work load for example)

  6. Marco

    Hello Yuri,

    I am a programmer PHP / MySQL Italian. I follow you since I started to upload some photos to stock photo sites (dreamstime and crestock).


  7. Ben

    I hope your PHP developers know what they are doing. PHP developers, the best of the best or not, need to be properly managed. That I discovered on my own personal projects. The best way to approach this project if you are not hiring a reputable development firm, is to build your project on an existing reputable framework (Zend, Ruby). This cuts a lot of underlining problems with security, bugs…etc. Developers may recommend you to go fully customized (as they always do), but in the end this custom solution will cost your gazillion dollars, bugs, and unnecessary headache. Developers love custom solutions because they have their own ideas on how the project ought to be built. Most of the very good developers hate frameworks, because they assume they are short sighted, not efficient, bloated, or what have you.
    You add another developer to the team because the other one bailed, you will have issues getting him up to speed even if you documented your project well. That is the reason why all developers ought to be properly managed, and guided.

  8. Deepak Gupta

    We are very much interested to work on this project exactly as per your requirements as we understand efforts needed to complete such tasks. Kindly let us know good time to have a quick chat on your project to take this ahead. I will really appreciate if I could work with you.

  9. Hi there. I sent in June a mail to Anne with the job apply (problem solved also), but I didn’t recive any response. Please, make a reply to my mail, since I have other job requests.

  10. Minapara Siraz

    Hello Yuri,

    I have finished assignment and sent script to recruitment officer Anne.


  11. raj

    Hey Yuri,
    I’m an amateur photographer i just like to click lots and lots of pics but i don’t know how to make some money out of it??or how to showcase them??
    I would be glad if you could guide me ….


  12. Hi Guys.
    Lots of good comments here.
    My current team of developers consists of 7 full time PHP developers, 1 Senior developer, 1 designer and 1 front-ender. I am extremely ambitions about my new site as the Beta testers will come to see. What we are going launch is simply so different from anything out there now. We started out feeling like we where 2-3 years behind and went through four rounds of server move + massive programming changes. We have now ended up with something that is 2-3 years ahead of what is out there instead and making other sites look really old fashioned.

  13. Good to hear those news. I love new stuffs and concepts. Did you choose already new staff members? I’m really interested, I applied to the job, i did my homework too 🙂 but no reply yet.

    Also, check out my stock management project. It’s under development, and i still need some help there. It has a multi submitter, a stock analyser, and a worker management module built in (3 in 1), all web based PHP and MySQL solutins.

  14. Ben

    Hi Yuri
    The purpose of a Photography blog is to update it at least once a week. Since you are very very busy shooting, you need to either a) change your design not to look like a photography blog, but maybe more like a portfolio site of your work, or b) hire a blogger to keep this site updated at least.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Yuri, you have been an inspiration throughout my short time in Photography (about 3 years). I’ve since designed and created my own website and established a fairly descent sideline income. I just wish I had more time or opportunity to do it full time though.

    Have you any advice or guidance where to from now? I’m standing on a cross-road and just need a final stepping stone.

    Keep up your inspirational and enthusiastic work!


  16. Hello Yuri ! why u dont need someone who can retouch your image from home ? I’m living in Republic of Moldova , your works always inspire me , i have skills , but dont have even a chance to work with you , that is realy realy bad .
    Best Regards ,

  17. Hi Yuri!

    Will you start a boot camp in January of 2013?

    (because in this article there is “class of 2014”)
    Best regards,


  18. Wonderful … Yuri are my idol.!!! Many try to follow your way!

  19. Edis

    I am beginer in photography. I have canon 550d and kit lens. Now i relalize that I need more equipment, more and more 🙂 So I must earn money 🙂 But i wuld like to better than you Yuri 🙂
    Best regreads from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  20. David Kennedy

    Hi Yuri

    When is the next boot camp in Cape Town?


  21. Joshua Rautenbach

    Yuri your photos are amazing:) I take photos as a hobby and its fun, reading about you makes me try take a better shot every time:).. keep it up!!!

  22. Pingback: lEdkdhCD4o

  23. NA

    When do you plan to make official announcement of the next boot camp for photography students 2014?
    Thanks a lot!

  24. Danish Memon

    Hi Yuri Arcurs,

    I am your big fan. I want to work on your project for photo retouching. I am a professional photo editor and I have worked my editing magic on various advertising, graphical and product photographs.

    I want to work on your project on full time bases and “no other job” as you have asked. Please give me an opportunity sir and I will never let you down by giving my best work with my skills. Please sir, i’m waiting your reply.

    Warm regards,
    Danish Memon

    from India.

  25. Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thanfkul for your help.

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