Yuri Arcurs – the world’s top selling stock photographer.

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When you walk down a street and casually glance at images on billboards, shop fronts, commercials, etc., then sometimes you might feel like you have seen some of the faces in the images before. You probably thought they were local models, images shot by a local photographer? Well, you were wrong. They are most likely shot by Yuri Arcurs.

In this way, you actually already know who Yuri Arcurs is, his images, his models and his style of photography. You just did not know it was him. And if you stop and give this a thought for a second – the impact of selling more than 4 million individual image licenses each year or 1 every 8 seconds… It has a huge impact. In fact, every person on earth living in an average sized city will see one of his images at least 4 times every day. That means you, too! Probably even today!

His images are simply all over and have become a big part of the world we live in and the impressions that meet us. Clients that have bought his images include Time Magazine, MTV, Sony, Microsoft, Canon, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Tyra Banks Show, the Late Night Show, Scientific American, Der Spiegel, American Idol and many more.

Facts about Yuri

Yuri Arcurs is the world’s top selling stock photographer for four successive years and is also the number one selling photographer on all stock agencies that represent his collection. This includes the world’s absolute biggest agencies such as Fotolia.com, iStockphoto.com (Getty Images) and Shutterstock.com.

As a consequence of this, Yuri Arcurs is rated as one of the highest earning photographers in the world, and is voted by PDN magazine as one of the most influential photographers of the decade. Besides running a 100+ full time staff photography company he is also the owner, designer, project manager and creator of www.peopleimages.com.

Yuri is regarded as a highly technical photographer, and a testament to this can be seen through a few industry choking sponsorship agreements with Hasselblad (high-end cameras) and a 300,000.00 USD Profoto (high-end lighting) sponsorship. Yuri has his own product line of photography equipment: The Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod.

In 2005, when Yuri started out in photography, a Google search for “Yuri Arcurs” produced zero results, but today the same search produces more than 2,5 million results or the equivalent of a search for the Danish prime minister (Yuri is from Denmark).

Because of his unusual success in the relatively new realm of microstock, Yuri has attracted worldwide attention and has been profiled and interviewed for numerous books, magazines, blogs and newspapers, and he regularly appears at large microstock related events all over the world. You can read most of his interview here.

The Yuri Arcurs Team

The Yuri Arcurs Photography ApS headquarter is located in the center of Aarhus, Denmark, and employs a dedicated full-time staff of 20 people, with an additional 80 people full time in Cape Town, South Africa.

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