Applying as a Model and General Info

Applying as a model: We have had great success getting new models from people sending us their material like you are about to. Quite a lot of the models that send us their material end up modeling for us. Send to: We bring in

10 Beauty Tips that work. How to prepare for a photo shoot!

How to prepare yourself before a shoot, a wedding or a special occasion where you just want to “shine”. Basic preparations are essential for getting good pictures or a great look. I (the photographer) will do my very best to get the

See how our stock images are used by our clients

Here you can see how your images are being used by our buyers. If you are a model with Yuri Arcurs Productions and you are looking for how your pictures have been used, this is the place. See if you can find your own images. Because we sell so

Casting Event

  NEW CASTING: January 19th, 2009 from 1300-1800 We often hold open casting events where you are very welcome to show up. You do not have to register or sign in anywhere – just show up and we will take good care of you. Check the

We want you!

Special groups of people we really want Some people are harder to get a hold of than others. We need groups of people from all walks of life and we are willing to give you a great experience, great pictures and sponsor your team or group

German Model Eva-Marie Tells her Story on Working with Yuri Arcurs

I saw Yuri’s photos for the first time surfing around aimlessly on a couple of stock-sites. I soon started searching directly for more of his photos. I was fascinated by the naturalness, vitality, perfectness and beauty of his photos. Some

What is a model release? – Download a Generic Model Release

A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the photographer about usage of the images where the model appears. When a model signs a model release he or she acknowledges that images or movies with him or her in them will be used