What to expect in 2017. Nikon D5X

What to expect in 2017 . . . Bad time to buy a D810, a Nikon D5X & D850 release seems to be in the cards. There have been whispers of a new release from Nikon. Now I am not one for gossip, but in this case, I am keeping my ears close to the ground

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What’s in our camera bag? – Interns

Keeping it small lightweight and capable. This gear bag is what Yuri Arcurs considers to be the best and minimal amount of gear you need to produce 95% of all image types. Some things we have cut back on, like the mount of lenses we use, and some things we prioritize such as large amounts

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We’re back !

Bigger. Better equipped and with lots of stories to tell. Sorry it took us so long to dust off the cobwebs, but we have simply been too busy to blog about it. Let us rewind to November 2015. Studio After having called a quaint studio in Roeland street our home for more than 4 years,

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Do you have what it takes to become the World’s next top Stock Photographer?

The world’s highest selling Stock Photographer, Yuri Arcurs, is hosting his fifth Elite Academy Program with the purpose of producing the most talented and competent photographers in the world. This privately funded program runs for two years, where you could be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to get photography training from the industry’s

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A closer look at Adobe Stock

My name is Yuri Arcurs, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the world’s top selling stock photographer and founder of www.peopleimages.com. I have spent the last 10 years as a stock photographer and I´ve worked with over 100 stock agencies. Today I’m exclusive with Getty, but prior to that, I distributed

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