Biggest Promo Ever. Half Price

Biggest Discounts Ever on – Worth a mention!

We are currently running the biggest promotion ever – get double credits! So if you know anybody that buys images, now would be a good time to hint it to them.

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Shooting 30000W Flash on Location to Light up a Fighter Jet

What started as a heated in-house discussion about flash speeds ended up becoming a rather BIGGGG experiment…      

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Office in CT

Are you, or do you know, our upcoming COO?

A new COO for our Cape Town productions Our current CEO (Kasper Ravlo) of Yuri Arcurs productions of 80 employes in Cape Town will be leaving us for a position in the main holding company in Denmark. This means that we have the opportunity to offer the position of COO, with the possibility of CEO

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Boys will be boys. Play hard and you might get a bloody nose

Microstock sees its first major setback in 6 years and here is why

You might have noticed huge amounts of images being removed from micro subscription sites such as,, etc. You might also have noticed that Shutterstock’s stock have dropped more than 12% over the past week. Link. Perhaps you have also seen the public statement that GettyImages made about Yuri Arcurs and going exclusive

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The Holy Grail of Business

What sells in microstock anno 2012?

About 4 years ago I wrote a post where I summarized what I believed was the holy grail of what sold well and what kind of content was in high demand for online stock agencies. I was mainly focused on stock photography (microstock), and today’s topic will be the same, albeit in an updated version: I know many

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