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This year Yuri Arcurs Photography is putting together an elite international academy program in the hope of producing the most competent and gifted photography class of 2015. This private funded program runs for three years, during which participants will be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience travel to exotic locations, a first-class photography education from some of the industry’s leading experts, and working experience through interactions with real projects, clients and top models.

We are looking to recruit 10 – 15 candidates, who will have to prove they are motivated, ambitious and bright. You will be given the opportunity to prove you have what it takes at our two-week long photography boot camp in January 2012. Very little photography knowledge is needed, we will equip you with what you need to know.

During the 3 year education you will have exams in the following subjects:
• The technical skills required to use all Nikon, Canon and Hasselblad cameras.
• Video recording and editing with SLR camera’s, RED epic and others.
• Basic and advanced photoshopping.
• Advanced RAW processing.
• Advanced digital image theory.
• Shoot planning and execution planning.
• Creative research, Image Critique.
• Branding, Client managing, Invoicing, Legal aspects.

How to qualify:
In order to qualify for the program, you must pass a 2 week boot camp in Cape Town, South Africa. The boot camp offers all it’s participants an opportunity to receive first-class photography training, even those who do not get accepted into the program.
To be considered for the photography boot camp you must:
• Manage your own accommodations and travel into Cape Town for the boot camp duration.
• Bring your own digital SLR camera that can produce at least 16 mega pixel images.
• Bring at least one 50mm or 85mm lens that can shoot no less than 2.0 in aperture.
• Bring at least 16 Gb of memory for your camera (CF preferred).
• Be able to stay 2 weeks in Cape Town for training and assignments from January 3rd 2012.
• Be able to dedicate 3 years of your life for this education starting from January 23rd 2012 and have no problem spending up to half of the year in all parts of the world with the primary base in Cape Town, South Africa.
• Have no criminal record or any other criteria that would not allow you to travel to Europe or other places.
• Agree to potentially being part of a TV production about the boot camp for reality TV.

How to apply:
Contact us no later than DECEMBER 1st on jobs@arcurs.com and make sure to mark the mail “Photography student” and include ALL of the following to be considered for the education:
• Motivation letter – tell us why you are interested in this education.
• Your CV.
• Any reference letter from previous employers.
• Something about yourself.
• A photograph of yourself.
• A statement showing a clean criminal record.

The final class candidates will be announced on JANUARY 17th 2012. The best candidates will be offered a job at Yuri Arcurs Photography after graduation.

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  1. Alejandro

    Will also like to know if it is necessary to send any reference letter from previous employers in case you didn’t have.

  2. Today I sent all documentation. Looking forward to see you all in cape town. I’m so exited…

  3. el klick

    Hey i wish you all the best on this adventure!! I will check u on MTV or whatever… good luck, godspeed and may the fotogenic force be with you 🙂

  4. Mustafa

    Do we need a reference letter if we didn’t work anywhere previously?

  5. Kelly Pollock

    Alejandro & Mustafa – we would like a reference letter if at all possible. It helps give us an idea about how other people view your personality. Even if you find someone who you did volunteer work for or a teacher from school. But you will not be marked down if you do not have one.

    Alejandro – it is not necessary to sign the document. Just your ID number and full name, plus the statement, will be good enough.

  6. Santh K Munsamy

    I currently live in JHB and do not have the funds for travel and accommodation in Cape Town, yet (thanks to the MegaPixel drop) I know “almost” have all the hardware required to partake which I have over the years inherited from my father.

    However I am way too determined and passionate about this opportunity to just let live. I will afford myself the opportunity not by asking, but by proving. It’s time to get to work!

  7. brittany lowe

    hi yuri. I only found out about the application now and the criminal record statement is going to take three to four weeks at quickest to get approved and the applications need to be in before the 1st of december which doesnt leave me enough time to get the record. Would it be possible if I send the application in so long without the criminal statement and send it in as soon as I get hold of it? I know for sure that I definitely don’t have a criminal record.

  8. Brittany, it was already written about your question. Check it:

    Yuri: ”Background checks will be done on everyone who is chosen after the end of the boot camp. We prefer letters of affidavit from police stations, but will accept a letter stating the applicants name, ID number and saying I declare I have no criminal record – we know that it takes a while sometimes to get these letters.”

  9. brittany lowe

    thanks so much! was in such a state about it I didnt see that>

  10. Jessica Styles

    Hey everyone, applications close soon so make sure you get them in soon if you haven’t already!!

  11. Prudence

    2 weeks till submissions close… Good luck guys… Can’t wait!!quote>

  12. This is the longest wait I have ever experienced, I have had to resort to sleeping in a straight jacket! Hehehe so extremely, incredibly, uncontrollably excited!!!!

  13. Mustafa

    After the 2 weeks, where will the education continue? If it will be longer than a month, I have to complete the passaport formalities.

    Is there a planned schedule?

  14. Prudence

    @Petri: I feel exactly the same as you do. I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I can just stay here and wait for the announcement about bootcamp.

  15. Hari

    Is it possible to reveal how much have currently applied? Just a bit curious to see how many people applied to the course 🙂

  16. Kelly Pollock

    Mustafa – after the boot camp, the final class candidates will be announced. This will happen on 17 January. The 3 year course will then begin for these final students on 23 January 2012. This will be based in Cape Town.

    There is a planned schedule but you will be informed of this in due course, should you be accepted into the bootcamp.

  17. precious albanum

    how do we apply for this program?

  18. precious albanum

    what kind of photographs am i expected to send?

  19. H

    Is it not possible to move dates closer to February, the rationale is that for some getting a visa to get into South Africa (plus the other transiting countries if applicable) may take a few weeks if you are part of the unlucky group who are not exempt from getting a tourist visa.

    Just a thought because as you guys will release the decisions mid December and as most embassies close at around the 20th and only open on the 5th (in some cases) this could clash for some people. Even if the event is moved to say 20th of January that could allow for ample time for the visa applications, accommodation and flight bookings?


  20. Kelly Pollock

    H – unfortunately the dates are already set in stone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. Kelly Pollock

    Precious – all the information you need is in the text at the top of the page. Please have a look there.

  22. Glenn Bloch

    Hi I was wondering if I could somehow get conformation that my email was received. Just been having problems with net. It says the info was sent I jus wanna make sure. Can’t be left outta this selection process. Also once again if anyone needs a lift from joburg for the boot camp gimme a shout

  23. Kelly Pollock

    Glenn – yes we have received your email. We will send a confirmation email sometime today 🙂

  24. Glenn Bloch

    Thanks allot kelly, much appreciated 🙂

  25. brittany lowe

    hi does everyone get a confirmation email?

  26. Kelly Pollock

    Hi Brittany, yes we are confirming emails with everyone. You should have received one – we do have you on record!

  27. brittany lowe

    thanks kelly! i did get one! super excited!!!!!!! 🙂

  28. Prudence

    Is it time for bootcamp yet… I’m seriously OVER excited and the wait is killing me. I wish I could just wake up and it was jan 3 already 🙂

  29. Jess Levitt

    hi there,

    i’m in matrix next year, but i was wondering would this opportunity arise again in a couple more years perhaps?

  30. Kelly Pollock

    Hey Jess, I have answered you on FaceBook 🙂

  31. shafeeqah

    Hi Yuri Arcurs staff

    What is meant by “something about yourself”?

    Do we need to submit a written document?

    It’s a bit vague.

    Kind Regards,


  32. Gareth Williams

    Hi there I keep getting this error when trying to mail my application. Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 … User unknown (state 14).

  33. Kelly Pollock

    Shafeeqah, we just want to know a little bit about you – what you enjoy doing, hobbies that you have, where you studied. Basically just a little introductory paragraph.

  34. Kelly Pollock

    Gareth, that’s odd. Try this email address: arcurs.productions@gmail.com

  35. Jose Molina


    I send all my documents last 24th of November and don’t know for sure if you received the mail. Did you send any confirmation mail?

    Thank you very much.

  36. nicole anderson

    Well I think its pretty awesome to be given such an opportunity.. I just wna do and learn from the best..

  37. Kelly

    Hi Jose, yes we have received all your documents.

  38. Application deadline is close, hurry up, guys!

  39. Courtney

    This is absolutely incredible! I have already submitted and am anxiously awaiting to hear if I have made the cut!!
    I look forward to everything that will come out of this 🙂

  40. Steve Carell

    I really want to participate the boot camp and later to 3-years education. I am married and have a child who is 3 years old. During 3 years is there a chance to bring them to Capetown with me? Will there be some difficulties or any problems that I (or we) may encounter if I bring my family with me? Thanks.

  41. Kelly Pollock

    Steve, you can do so if you wish, but you would need to pay for their accommodation, food, etc. Also remember that you will be spending 6 consecutive months away from Cape Town, and so essentially away from your family – unless you can afford to bring them with.

  42. Hey guys, last day to get your applications in, make sure you don’t miss the deadline!!

  43. Laneishia Maxwell

    I just found out about this today! I hope you do this again 🙁

  44. So excited about this opportunity! Submitting my application today. Good luck, everyone!

  45. sofie

    No longer than december first – before 12 am? Pleaaaase im almost done

  46. Alberto

    I have just send the e-mail. Lets see what happen 🙂

  47. Yuri Arcurs Team, I can’t wait longer!! Please tell me that I’m in… :-)))) Love @ Peace Teresa Arias

  48. Melanie Ras

    I am so excited!! Have send my application last night, just want to make sure that it went through? Goodluck guys. This is going to be amasing.xxx

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