Shooting 30000W Flash on Location to Light up a Fighter Jet

What started as a heated in-house discussion about flash speeds ended up becoming a rather BIGGGG experiment…




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  1. I’m really dying to know — why the Hassy? Obviously, the MF has all sorts of advantages when it’s used to full effect, but if you have to shoot with a wide lens and crop down, don’t you lose some of those advantages vs. just using something like a fast FF camera and a tighter lens (with near-instant response times)? The uber-flash setup still looks like fun, though.

  2. Hello Yuri, amazing shoot, I’m your best fan from colombia.


  3. Well…the first thing that I thought is that this is an unnecessary stunt. Air to air photos could be aesthetically more pleasing…or air to air with flash! Now, wouldn’t that be interesting. The flash units appear to be ProFoto, and if that’s the case, the flash duration is really short because the final photo is SHARP! In retrospect, stunt or no stunt, it should be clear that Yuri is the only photographer in the world with a shot like this…and the jet looks terrific against the darkened clouds in the sky! Bravo!

    P.S. I don’t know whether this message will EVER be displayed. I got a WROND CAPTCHA code ERROR over a dozen times so far.)

  4. Pretty sure he went with the hassy to get the fast flash sync speed. Canon and Nikon are limited to 1/200 to 1/250 of a second. Where as the hassy will 1/800th.

  5. Agree its a great PR Stunt! Very spectacular! But using a 1Dx or so would have probably being more effective.

  6. lighting is too harsh for me and flash back is disturbing

  7. Wow,
    Excellent video, very nice covered all the action. What was the ISO used?

  8. Christian Lagereek

    I have done this with the Harrier and a Cezna twin engined plane, way back in the 90s and with film.
    The MF is a must simply because of the flash duration, freezing the planes in action.
    However on a bright sunny day, way up in the air shooting planes, the natural clear light high up is unbeatable.
    Flash do create harsh shadows etc.

  9. Joey Greeff (Johanna)

    Congrats! Yuri, your admirer from Cape Town. As always your work is stunning.
    Your believe in success, it is in your laughter. That shoot was awesome.

  10. hurricanehank

    I guess Hasselblad because of it’s sync speed

  11. fahrezi

    Hello Yuri, amazing shoot, I’m your best fan from Indonesia.


  12. Daf

    Surprised you only started panning towards the end. Maybe talking to a sports photographer beforehand would have been an advantage.

  13. Yuri Arcurs

    Agree. Must have been fun for you!

  14. Yuri Arcurs

    That is the point with the shoot Karen. 🙂

  15. Yuri Arcurs

    At 1/200 to 1/250 sync speeds. Actually no. Best choice is hasselblad if you can handle the shutter delay.

  16. Yuri Arcurs

    Sometimes “unnecessary stunts” is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing! 🙂

  17. As with most of forum posts, people often miss the point. To me the point was clear: CAN WE LIGHT A PLANE WITH FLASH? Then, OK, if we can, let’s do it. That’s enough reason. Aesthetics seemed to not be the main issue here. It’s more science and fun than serious art. I really dig this experiment. Now, how about speed-boats at night in the ocean?

  18. I enjoyed the video clip

  19. Amazing job, I can never get over so much negativity from people, great job and lots of fun. Keep living a dream, congrats. MJLII

  20. Hello Yuri, amazing shoot, I’m your best fan from Germany


  21. This is must be crazy… just amazing to think to shot something like this when flying 🙂

    Thanks! Yuri, keep up !

  22. amazing photo session Yuri!!!

  23. I’m w D. Lambert… Use a FF 35mm digi w a longer lens… press, click.. or use a trigger system to determine where the plane is… 1 sec delay??? OMG..

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