10% discount off the Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod!

So many people participated in the contest on my facebook page last week, and it was truly amazing to see how so much effort was put into locating that tiny island I was on. The winner got a full Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod, but Custom Brackets and I would like to give all of you the opportunity to purchase the SteadyPod with a discount of 10%!
If you go to their website you will get a 10% discount on any Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod configuration you purchase when entering this promo code: 10offsteadypod
The promo code will be valid until 10th of June! Also, for all of you guys who live in the USA, the promo code will include free shipping. Enjoy!

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  1. GReat. Thank you Yuri!!!!

  2. Raisman

    Thank you yuri…nice steadypod

  3. Seb

    What is the difference between the standard and AS version?

  4. Custom Brackets

    @Seb The SteadyPod is built around Custom Brackets style quick release, while the SteadyPod AS is built around Arca Swiss style quick releases. If you do not use Arca Swiss style gear currently, you can just purchase the regular SteadyPod. They both do the same function, but there are lots of people that use the Arca Swiss style, and want to stay with what is familiar to them. Thanks for the interest!

  5. HC

    Does the tilt and rotation unit come off so that it can be mounted as a tripod head on a Gitzo?

  6. Custom Brackets

    @HC yes it has a 3/8 threaded hole and can mount to any tripod or monopod. You can see the Basic SteadyPod does not come with the monopod, you can choose your own monopod and tripod.

  7. Great! Very generous of you. Tnx for sharing this promo code. Regards, Sesalnik.

  8. Need to get me one of those :-). looks like a great design

  9. Nice offer … such promotions make me happy keep it up.

  10. Very nice promotion for your steadypod.

  11. Very cool steady pod i am going to get one as soon as the funds allow.

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