Facebook Contest Winner – We’re Impressed!


Little more than a week ago I launched a contest on my facebook page. The task was to find out EXACTLY where I was when I recorded the video, and I have to say that I am truly impressed by all of the people who participated. I did expect people to guess that it was in the Maldives fairly easy. The plane from Maldivian Air Taxi was visible in the background, the male model was trying to help by signaling the letter “M” with his hands, and in my previous facebook update there was a HDD visible which had the text “MALDIVES FOR JT” on it if you looked really carefully. None the less there were a lot of great guesses. Like for instance “The island of the Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Yuri’s Island”, and even the small Danish island “Anholdt” was mentioned.

The exact sandbank was actually located by 3 different people, but it was Dane Wirtzfeld who got closest to my exact position. He even made a map of me and the Yuri Arcurs SteadyPods on the sandbank along with the plane from Maldivian Air Taxi.
This means that it is Dane who have won the full Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod which will by shipped to him by Custom Brackets.

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  1. Adam Potts

    Well done Dane! It really did come down to meters didn’t it! Still can’t believe how close I was and still managed to come third, it was a good competition.

    Thanks Yuri! It was a real fun challenge and a great prize that you’ve kindly been able to give away. Hope to have another chance at winning your custom steadypod in the future… 🙂

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