My New Studio. How to Spend 300k Euro on lighting Equiptment

Every day shooting in this studio is a dream come true.

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  1. Congrats! But not fair : ) Nice decor too! Keeps us posted on more.

  2. Holy Cow! Very nice Yuri. Inspiring, as usual.

  3. Thank you, Yuri,…for sharing and inspiring! Speaks volumes on character.


  4. amazing studio congratulations

  5. Thanks for showing around your new studio. That was fun, informative and helpful in photography tips.

  6. Debbi_in_California

    WOW is all I can say!

  7. I’m too impressed and in awe, especially with how neat and organized your studio is maintained and the wall paneling is too, too fabu. Must be absolutely mind blowing to be so successful!

  8. Michael Novelo

    Really cool, iam impressed.

  9. MrL

    The older the boy, the bigger the toy!
    Hopefully you keep your business profitable! You need somebody to say “No” to you when you want to spend money. You are out of control. Seriously!
    Throwing a pile of cash at a problem is not a solution! Anybody can do this!

  10. Man that’s a hell of a studio… I wish I had that kind of a budget.

  11. WOW, fantastic!
    Congrats, and enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Awsome studio correction – amazing. Where have you been for almost a year? Your blog has been idle for 11 months.

  13. Yuri, fantastic and great studio! Every photographers dream to make thousandths of wonderful images!

  14. You the good sample and excellent stimulus for beginning photographers, such as I.

    You are the best!

  15. Matt Campbell: Awsome studio correction – amazing. Where have you been for almost a year? Your blog has been idle for 11 months.

    I’m busy with a project. A big project. You guys will see. 🙂

  16. Amazing! You are a very good inspiration, and I say thank you, Yuri, for your open heart to give us your inspirations and also technical informations worldwide! I hope you let us see some pictures of your models in your new studio soon!

  17. What about your “old” studio in the Green House? Were there any disadvantages or why did you decide to get a new studio? Is it bigger, more comfortable or what were the reasons? Thanks in advance.

  18. joergen valentin


    du you rent it ou on the minut ;))

  19. Juri, why the white studio became much less, than in old studio?

    And why a studio part under a tree… It after all is far from microstock tones of happiness?

  20. Now I know why I do wedding photography and don´t participate in the microstock threadmill. But your studio is gorgeous!

    Thanks for inviting us backstage 😉
    Hochzeitsfotograf Düsseldorf

  21. Nick

    Nice Yuri – but you really need to have a chat with David Hobby. He can help you out with some of the finer touches now youve got the basics in 🙂

  22. very nice studio!!! also excelent for ping pong

  23. topstep07

    Excellent Light, Excellent equipment. dream come true with everything with excellent light.

  24. OMG finally! Wow.. epic!

  25. Hi Yuri

    Amazing studio, it must be a dream going to work.

    Is it still located in Denmark? It dosent look like a Danish building inside – to fancy 🙂


  26. Great studio and equipment. Dream of every photographer. Best wishes to manage it long and just nice …


  27. Congratulations man, it looks like you’re all set up to shoot or handle just about anything! Just promise me you won’t ever flood the place, Dean Collins style. Those wood floors and wood paneling are just too nice 🙂 You can save the messier shoots for the greenhouse studio.

  28. Hold da op Yuri, det er uden sammenligning det lækreste studio jeg nogensinde har set!

    Tillykke! Det må virkeligt være en fornøjelse at gå på arbejde hver dag i de omgivelser. Det var som sædvanlig en god video gennemgang og jeg glæder mig allerede til at høre meget mere fra dig igen, når du på et tidspunkt kan løfte sløret for “det store projekt” 🙂


  29. Anthony

    Wow, how much did this cost you? Millions probably! I don’t think even the most famous photographers in other fields be it weddings or fashion could afford this. Well done, this is magnificent!

  30. Metin.C

    Awesome studio!

    I would probably spend a lot of my working days in there. I mean I enjoy working in a studio. But this is just insane!

    It’s one of those studios you just have to visit once in your life.

    Amazing Yuri!


  31. WOW!!!
    Dream studio!! Great work.

  32. You are the best! Congrats.

  33. anna: You are the best! Congrats.

    anna: great studio! congrats.

  34. WOW!! Totally awesome…
    Greetings from
    You’re an inspiration for us!

  35. René Buchholdt


  36. Glad to see you back and posting! 🙂

  37. Disneyland for photographers. Congratulations … and thank you for sharing with us..

  38. Neil

    Are you sponsored by profoto?

  39. Uday Kanitkar

    Indeed ! it’s a dream studio ! I kept asking myself – it’s a Palace in a studio – or a studio in a palace ?
    Congratulations !

  40. What a dreamstudio to shoot in! I´m jealous!!..

  41. Christoph Weihs

    holy shit.. very impressive what you achieved within a couple of years!
    you are definitely someone to look up to!
    reminds me to kick me in the butt to do more work. The ideas are there but
    somehow it is hard to take it to the next step and produce quality pictures on a daily basis.

  42. Edwin Rivera

    You have one sick studio. Congratulations!!

  43. Leo

    Wow Yuri… 300k euro only at lighting right…
    not the renovation of the place…

  44. beautiful studio. it must be a dream

  45. That’s really impressive! However, as I am listening to the audio on my studio speakers, the voice sounds a little bit muddy. I would choose a bit better microphones to record such a great video next time. Alternatively, I might try to improve the audio (just voice, not the music), as I am better audio engineer than a photographer, just for your sharing all that stock issues at your website 🙂

  46. Scot

    Fantastic studio. Thank you for sharing, your studio and knowledge, with all of us. I wish you continued success and growth in your business.

  47. This is just showing off!! 🙂 just jealous, this is great stuff, would love to have a studio like your one day!

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